Equity Release

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Benefits of Equity Release

Equity release will allow you to gain access to the cash tied up in your property, we go through some more of the detail here

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If you are considering equity release then please get in touch and one of our advisers will be happy to talk all of your options through iwth you

Lifetime Mortgages

A lifetime mortgage is the most common type of equity release scheme which is designed to run for the lifetime of the policy holder


Equity Release Calculator

Use our calculator to see how much money you could release from your home with our lifetime mortgage.

It’s important to understand the features, costs and risks of a lifetime mortgage. It’ll reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave, and may affect your tax position and access to welfare benefits.

I'm years old, and my is worth around £

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The amount shown is only an indication, and isn’t guaranteed. To calculate this amount, we compare your age and property value to our ‘loan to value’ table. This allows us to work out what percentage of your home’s value is available to you.

Is Equity Release Right For Me?

The way in which you can release equity from your home has changed over recent years. More flexibility, cheaper interest rates, and innovative product features make equity release more appealing when looking to raise extra money in retirement.

Life is full of expenses and for those with financial worries, releasing equity from your home could make real improvements to your standard of living.

Equity release is not limited to easing financial difficulities – it is often used for home improvements, helping a younger family member get on the property ladder or going away on a once in a lifetime holiday – we can help talk you through the positives and negatives of equity release and help you through the process if you feel it is the right option.

With our experience in financial planning we may know of an alternative way for you to fund your plan without having to release the equity in your home, a conversation about you, your situation and your goals is all we need.  Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to have a conversation about what you want to achieve and the steps to get there. 

What is Equity Release?

Equity release is essentially a long term loan that gets repaid using the value of your property once you pass away or move into long-term care.  Until you sell the property to pay off the policy you will remain the homeowner and can stay in your home.

If you are over the age of 55 and a homeowner, you are probably eligible to take out an equity release plan. The money you release is tax-free and yours to use. Plans come with many options and there really is something to suit everyone.

This could include making repayments to cover interest or a percentage of the capital borrowed, ring fencing a proportion of the property value via inheritance guarantees, or including downsizing options should you chose to downsize in the future. Our advisers at Retirement Income Solutions will be able to discuss your needs and objectives and recommend a plan that is right for you. 

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