Step by Step Guide

Exploring Your Retirement Options

What to Expect Throughout the Process

Equity Release can be a daunting proposition at first so we have laid out the process below so you know what to expect

Make an Appointment

When you are ready to find out more and possibly take the next step, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have

Talk to Your Family

Equity release is not something that should be taken lightly and we highly recommend you talk to your family as it could impact their future as well

Time to Make a Decision

We will come and see you and show you the details of the product that we believe best suits your situation, now it is time to decide if you want to proceed

Application Submission

Assuming you decide to go ahead, we will help you complete the application and submit it to the provider for you

Property Valuation

Your property will be valued by an independent surveyor.  Any discrepencies in value or urgent repairs needed will be raised at this point


You will receive an offer from the provider which will confirm how much you can borrow

Talk to a Solicitor

Make sure your solicitor has read through the agreement and spoken to you to make sure everyone is satisfied that this is the right thing to do

Money Released

The funds are now yours to enjoy in whichever way you choose!

Join us! It will only take a minute